Holidays in San Francisco

I hope you enjoy today's guest post from Chris Clauson, someone who knows how to live life. Happy holidays and safe travels!   - Scott, a.k.a. The Analytical Traveler

Living relatively close to one of the world’s greatest cities is both a blessing and a curse. San Francisco is truly a gem to visit, but getting in and out of the City can be a burden, particularly during the holidays. However, my wife and I value sharing the holiday spirit of the City with our daughter on an annual basis - visiting the iconic holiday locations, enjoying fine food and experiencing great hotels - and we’ve recently taken to a new method of transport to get there.

When I say method of transport, it’s really only ‘the last mile’, so to speak. Living 90 min from the City (traffic free - can be 2-4 hours realistically), the strategy is to drive to the Bay Area, then take other transportation into the City. For years this centered on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) trains. BART has many options in terms of boarding locations, and allows you to ‘pop up’ in multiple spots in the heart of the City. Cost = ~$20/person, RT, plus parking (varies).